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A home is an important part of having a family lifestyle in St. Louis. It is where we rest and put our minds at ease from a long day of work, school, or any other activities we do to fill the day. Whenever we are experiencing the warm heat of the sun during summer, we are protected by the shade that our house provides, and it protects us from the pouring rain drops during the rainy season as well as winter.


There is no greater experience than feeling the warm summer sun flashing on our skin, but you may want to stay indoors and find comfort in their home and read a good book. A house is a place that protects us and keeps us safe, and in return we should also maintain the stability and maintenance of our home.


Having the opportunity to paint your house with wonderful glowing pastel colors will not only lighten your mood but will also create an improvement in your house’s appearance. Adding different paint styles to your home is one of the easiest ways to add color and joy to the warm weather of summer. Interior house paints in St. Louis, Missouri have light colors that radiate a joyful, calming and an outgoing mood that can represent the owner of the home, while others are composed of bold and strong colors – it all depends on the style the owner chooses.


Common colors for houses include light hues which can be gold, beige, yellow and peach. These colors project peace, energy, honesty and sincerity. There are a number of skilled and professional painters that live in the city of St. Louis who are able to bring beautiful and attractive colors to your walls that will make your home lively and a wonderful place to live.


Other house painting techniques include different artistic designs by mixing together different colors, or by putting accents of strong colors either at the side or in the middle of a wall with light painted color. A quality paint can last up to 15 years, but the color normally fades as the years pass by. If you want to make your home look new, a fresh paint job will do the trick and it’s a lot cheaper than remodeling.

Choice of Paint in St. Louis

The Many Choices of Paint

Anyone who has attempted a painting project can tell you that there are far more things to choose from than color when deciding how to paint a room. Choosing between a water-based and oil-based paint, an eggshell or flat finish, and adding effects like marbling and antiquing are all options that should be considered before a painting project begins.

The more you learn about the options available the more confusing a painting project can become. No one way is necessarily better than the other and just like choosing a color, it usually comes down to personal preference. By understanding what options are available and the details of the individual options, the homeowner will appreciate the completed painting service much more than if they were unaware of the choices available. In most cases, a basic service is all that is needed, but the available options are nice to know regardless of the ultimate choice.

Oil or Water-based for a St. Louis Painting Project


A water based paint can be either latex or acrylic. Compared to an oil-based paint, water-based paint is much easier to work with. The paint spreads much easier and clean up is a breeze. The paint can be used on all interior projects. Latex paint, comprised of polyvinyl acetate and/or acrylic resin are synthetic resins that hold up well in the long run. Pure acrylic paints are of higher substance than latex but cost more as well. The main problem with latex paints were that the quicker drying time did not allow for all brush strokes to smooth out. The concern is mostly eliminated with new and improved latex formulations.


Oil-based paints take longer to dry than water-based but spread more smoothly and provide a finish that holds up well with time. Clean up is much more rigorous and precautions must be taken to provide necessary ventilation during the painting service. When adding a decorative finish, oil based paints are much easier to work with due to its long drying time.

Making the choice between the two comes down to personal preference. An oil-based painting project will be much more complex and more expensive than a latex home painting project. The prep work and cleanup are more extensive and long lasting when oil is used. Latex paint will remain looking fresh for around three years while oil based paints can hold up for about ten years.
Volatile organic compounds, while more exist in oil based paints, are present in a lesser degree in latex paints. These compounds can create harmful air conditions and unsatisfactory smells. When factoring in cost and environmental considerations it should be understood that a latex painting service may be needed three times before another oil-based painting service is needed. While the initial costs may be more with an oil based paint, over time the service may less than initially realized. However, the frequency of latex applications allows the colors of a house to match the trends of the times. A favorite color usually does not last an entire decade.

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